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"It's worth the trek to
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Tools and Tech
Computer & Phone Repair & Sales

Smartphone acting dumb?
Laptop bottomed-out?
Tablet totally trashed?

Do you have some rotten Apples or broken Windows?

If your tech is more trash than treasure, head to Tools and Tech for good measure!

We got free quotes for when you need those inevitable repairs.
We got cheap hammers for when you just wanna smash the thing!

Stop by today and get up to spec with Tools and Tech!

Forget salespeople. You need a real tech!

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Whether it's a smartphone, laptop, tablet, old-fashioned computer tower, or any other piece of modern technology, Tools and Tech strives to provide a comfortable repair and sales experience when your technology feels more like trash than treasure.

If your Apple iPhone looks more like a rotten iSore, or you feel like hurling your Samsung Galaxy into outer-space, we can help with your repair!

If your laptop computer has hit rock-bottom, or your computer tower has no power, we can help!

And if your tech is trashed beyond repair you might still be able to score some treasure for it with a trade-in!

Treasure Your Tech with Tools and Tech!

Smartphones & Cellphones

refurbished smartphone cellphone sales repair iPhone Samsung LG HTC Blackberry Nokia Huawei Motorola Sony

If you've owned one of today's fancy phones for more than 3 minutes, you know they often get broken.

Whether you need to replace a smashed screen, bad battery, crappy camera, or you've dropped it in your drink, we can help!

We'll even help you out if you're still rocking an old flip phone!

And if your phone is trashed and smashed beyond a fix, it may still be worth a piece of treasure (or six)!

Laptops & Notebooks

laptop notebook Lenovo HP Acer Dell Toshiba Asus Samsung Sony

Smartphones do a lot, but laptop computers are still necessary tools for most of us.

Are you looking for a quality refurbished laptop? We're here for you.

Is your laptop suffering from a shattered screen? Are you being harassed by hackers? Is your hard drive hardly driving? We can help!

Does your MacBook have a crap look? We can put the shine back on your Apple!

If your laptop is trashed beyond the cost of a reasonable repair, that doesn't mean you have to despair. We'll be happy to discuss giving you some treasure for it!

Desktops & All-In-Ones

PC computer tower desktop Windows Microsoft custom built gaming refurbished

Desktop computers don't get as much love as they used to, but they are still the standard for people who want to do heavy-duty work.

And of course, those of us into Do-It-Yourself repairs and computer builds can't live without one!

So when your Mac is acting whack, or your PC gives you grief, Tools and Tech is here for relief!


tablets Apple Mac iPad Android refurbish repair

Broken tablets are often more trash than treasure. But before you ditch your device, drop it downtown for a diagnosis!

Take advantage of our free quotes. If you're lucky you might score a reasonable repair, or perhaps a little treasure for your tortured tech trash!

Virus Removal

virus malware trojan rootkit clean up remove disinfect data back up recovery

Worried about worms?

Malware making you miserable?

Laptop being violated by viruses?

Are you wary of backdoor trojans and man-in-the-middle attacks?

Tools and Tech can help clean up your computer and save your data!

Data Recovery

save data recovery hard drive crash computer smartphone won't start no power

Did you get into a crash while hard driving?

Did your smartphone take a tumble into the toilet?

Is your treasured data trapped in some tech that's been totally trashed?

Don't give up hope! Bring it by for a free quote!

...and TOOLS!

hammers nails screws screwdrivers washers knives wrenches vice grips hardware tools

Are you curious about Do-It-Yourself Computing?

Would you like to try your own repairs? Or build your own high-end gaming computer?

Do you just need a decent hammer or a good screw?

Swing by and check out our selection of tools and chat with a tech about the DIY Computing phenomenon!

Treasure Your Tech at Tools and Tech!

"It's worth the trek to
Tools and Tech!"

Tools and Tech Guelph Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Fergus Computer Phone Repair Near Me
Computer and Phone Repair and Sales
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